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About Wespo HR Club

In today’s shrinking world, it is very important to manage human potential very effectively and efficiently. Wespo HR Club is a platform where one gets an opportunity to face real time job recruitment process. We have been providing recruitment solutions in various verticals like IT,ITES,Pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, retail, Banking, financial services, Insurance, hospitality, Aviation, Entertainment and Media.We also work with corporate recruiters to put on events like job fair/ campus recruitment with the objective to provide ” right job for the right candidate”

Our HR Services

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Senior & Middle Level Hiring
  • Recruitment Marketplace
  • Recruiter Training Programmes
  • Career Transition Services
  • Global Sourcing

Multiplying smiles on the faces of rural Indian youths through up skilling and productive management. To bridge the gap between the employer and the employee. Best utilization of skilled & professionals in economic development of industries by hiring talent for them

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